Who are we ?


Since their childhood, two brothers admired the consumption and use of natural and organic products, this passion led to a conviction to share this healthy lifestyle with others in order to benefit from something effective that does not contain harmful additives.
For this purpose, the two entrepreneurs decided to create the essenciell brand in 2021 in order to offer on-line quality products at a reasonable price.
As a company specialized in the sale of natural and organic products, we must ask ourselves:

 •    What is our mission?
 •    What is our vision?
 •    What are our values and commitments?
 •    What are our goals?
 •    What is our promise?
 •    Why do we do what we do?

Selling online organic products, composed of ingredients of natural origin, developed in accordance with:

 •  Man, taking care of him.
 •  The Environment, respecting nature and providing transparency throughout the manufacturing chain.


 •  Build a wide range of products.
 •  Developping the notoriety of the essenciell brand.

 •  Ensuring the success of our  customers.
 •  Requiring quality.
 •  Ensuring fair trade for a win-win relationship.
 •  Sustaining passion.
 •  Ensuring transparency and traceability.
 •  Remaining humble.
 •  Carrying out a permanent scientific monitoring and regulatory surveillance.

 •  Customer loyalty: to guarantee the best quality with a reasonable price in order to gain their trust and loyalty.
 •  Income: To keep a sustained level of income guaranteeing continuity and sustainability of our business.
 •  Growth: To have a developed partnership network and the conquest of new foreign markets.
 •  Commitment of the employees: To train our employees in order to contribute to their personal development and to improve their knowledge

< La nature se rétablit en vous >

This slogan has two levels of interpretation:

 •   Nature regains its place in your life and regains its value.
 •   You are in coherence with your true nature, the balance is restored between your body, your mind and your ethics.

Natural and organic products are at the crossroads of health, beauty and spirituality. They help us take care of our health and provide mental and psychological well-being.
Their use is also symbolic, it is a commitment to our body, mind and especially our environment. A responsible commitment that restores the balance between what we are and how we want to see ourselves.

🡺 We reach our personal fulfillment!

This personal fulfillment, rubs off by its impact on our society, our environment and the world in general.

How can we do this?

🡺By reconnecting to the essential.

The consumption of essential and vegetable oils is a responsible act that reconnects us to our ethics and human values.
It also allows the rehabilitation of an ancestral know-how, a reconnection to our history and thus a better knowledge of who we are.
Or rather a reconnection with our environment and more precisely with nature, which has long been the vital source of Man.
Currently, this field is booming and is experiencing an important craze. This can be explained by the values conveyed by this industry, namely:

Indeed, the presence of chemical and polluting substances (petroleum, pesticides, ...) can be harmful to our body and the environment. The other way round, natural and organic products contain a larger quantity of active ingredients and raw living materials which have a real and long-term efficiency.

The use of natural and organic products allows us to preserve our environment by limiting the rejection of polluted water and by preserving the integrity of our planet's soils. The essential and vegetable oils come from organic agriculture which is a production method that respects biodiversity and natural balances.

Natural and organic products have the advantage of having all their components listed on the product. Moreover, these products are controlled by organizations such as Ecocert, which guarantees the authenticity of the products.

1. OUR MISSION: To care for the world.
2. How can we do this: By reconnecting to the essential.
3. OUR SERVICE: To sell natural and organic products online.
4. OUR PROMISE: La nature se rétablit en vous.

The essenciell products identified by the logos   are certified BIO Ecocert.

Ecocert is a French company created in 1991 and is established in more than 130 countries. It is a certification body for food and cosmetic products from organic farming with the aim of preserving a high quality of products and guaranteeing the eco-responsibility of the manufacturing chain.
To be certified, essenciell goes through a rigorous evaluation process, during which Ecocert verifies that the brand respects the regulations of Organic Agriculture. Controls and follow-ups are carried out on the entire production chain every year. After that, Ecocert issues attestations certifying the conformity of the controlled products, and authorizes the affixing of certification logos on the packaging of the labeled products.

For any questions, please contact us via the form of the site or on the e-mail: contact@essenciell.com
The essenciell team thanks you for your trust.

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